Practicum Project

  1. Students should include a brief (2-3 pages) reflection explaining why they selected the site for the practicum.

  2. Students should include a copy of the final paper that they completed for the course. This paper should compare and contrast their experiences in the Practicum with the theories and information that was included in the social sciences coursework completed at RMU.

  3. Students should include a copy of the journal that they maintained during the Practicum, including both daily entries and weekly reflections. These reflections should identify ways in which the Practicum experiences are consistent with or different from the content learned in psychology courses at RMU. They should also discuss how their understanding of Applied Psychology evolved during the Practicum.

  4. Students should include a copy of the evaluation/recommendation completed by their supervisor during the Practicum.

  5. Students should include a copy of the evaluation completed by their faculty mentor.

  6. Students should include their recommendations for future Applied Psychology students about selecting and completing their required Practicum experience.

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