Schedule of Presentations

Listed below, I have provided a tentative schedule of presentations. I am willing to be somewhat flexible in terms of changing dates if need be (but the NEED must be clear). Also, it may be the case that the schedule will be modified due to unforseen circumstances (e.g., snow cancellation, etc.).

Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes and should allow about 5-10 additional minutes of class discussion (i.e., the goal is to keep things within a 30-minute timeframe).

Breakdown of Points: You can earn up to 20 points.
  1. [14 pts] Presentation: Broken down as follows:
    • Comprehensiveness and clarity of talk (10 pts).
    • Effective response to questions (4 pts).
  2. [ 6 pts] Class Participation (how well you participate in OTHER peoples' presentations).

March 27Birckbichler, Johnson, & KublackPsychic
Gasiorowski & RagerCell Memory
Bohach, Koslow, & RothPsychic Hoax
April 3Jones & ShellyMandela effect
April 10Hortert, Kurtz, & MillsHypnosis
KappAlternative medicine (photon & laser therapy)
RussoTerror management
April 17MarcotteGreek religion
April 24Moore & PrinceHaunted something
WuenstelDream man