Select the BEST response alternative for each of the questions below.

1. Chewing and swallowing force an odorant emitted by the mouth up behind the palate into the nose, which causes one to experience ________ sensation of the odor perceived.
A) olfactory
B) flavor
C) retronasal olfactory
D) nasal
E) smell
2. Anesthesia of the chorda tympani causes:
A) impaired olfaction.
B) damaged taste.
C) flavor-enhancement of foods.
D) a delayed reaction to flavors.
E) foods to taste salty.
3. The ________ papillae are the taste bud-containing folds of tissue that are located on the rear of the tongue, where the tongue attaches to the mouth.
A) filiform
B) fungiform
C) foliate
D) circumvallate
E) None of the above.
4. The ________ are slender projections on the tips of some taste bud cells that extend into the taste pore.
A) microvilli
B) macrovilli
C) cilia
D) taste buds
E) taste receptor cells
5. The insular cortex:
A) is the first primary cortical processing area for taste.
B) is the last area to receive taste information during the gustation process.
C) integrates taste and smell sensations.
D) processes information about harmful tastes only.
E) protects the taste area of the brain.
6. The taste quality of ________ is produced by the hydrogen ion in foods.
A) salty
B) sour
C) sweet
D) bitter
E) spicy
7. If you adjust the brightness of a light until it matches the perceived intensity of sourness of the taste of a lemon, you are engaging in:
A) variety matching.
B) sensory integration.
C) cross-adaptation.
D) a meaningless task.
E) cross-modality matching.
8. Which of the following taste receptors do fat molecules stimulate?
A) Sweet.
B) Sour.
C) Salty.
D) Umami.
E) None of the above.
9. The labeled lines theory of taste coding holds that each ________ carries a particular taste quality.
A) taste nerve fiber
B) taste receptor site
C) papilla
D) taste neuron
E) taste bud

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