Things to do to keep your grades low

  1. Cram for exams.
  2. Miss classes
  3. Don't ask questions when they occur to you.
  4. Avoid opportunities to test yourself by staying quiet in class.
  5. Try to work out comprehension problems on your own.
  6. Only do the minimum necessary to get by.
  7. Wait until just before the exam to read the text.
  8. Avoid the professor.
  9. Rely on copies of old exams rather than actually trying to learn the material.
  10. Wait until the last minute to ask what you can do to improve your grades.
  11. Settle for a lower grade (convince yourself that you could have done better if you'd wanted to, and hey, that's what's really important anyway... right?).
  12. Assume that the amount of effort you put into a class should mean more than the quality of your performance.
  13. Get the attitude of "who needs this?" or, "I'm only taking this class because it's required."
  14. Figure that you can "make up the difference" on the next exam.
  15. Do homework (etc.) at the last minute.
  16. Hope that a little extra credit might turn that "C" into an "A."
  17. Assume that the professor graded your exam perfectly (so don't bother checking your exam to see if you lost points that you didn't deserve to lose).
  18. Don't take notes during lecture.
  19. Complain about how much work you have rather than actually doing it.
  20. Give up.