Student Opinions of PsychOUT!

I've used this (or some version of this) program on-and-off since 2000. Because it requires a projection system, obviously, it cannot be used in low-tech classrooms. To be honest, I've been suprised at how well-liked it is by students. They miss it when we don't play and it tends to get mentioned a lot on the course evaluations. I hope, though, that the reasons students like it are more than just because they get out of a lecture.

Student Reactions to the following two questions:

    What were some of the things you liked most about this course?
    Additional comments?

  • The PsychOUT game!
  • PsychOUT! (Written by 7 people so far.)
  • I missed PsychOUT!
  • Lectures were great! Loved PsychOUT!
  • PsychOUT! was fun. Good examples & stories to go with subject matter.
  • The opportunity for extra credit and PsychOUT!
  • The use of PsychOUT!
  • I really hated that I missed out on PsychOUT! Please do it again!
  • PsychOUT!, the PowerPoint presentations, online practice tests.
  • PsychOUT!. Having grades on the internet.
  • PsychOUT! before tests!
  • Good use of material for fun and studying.
  • Play it more often.
  • It was fun.
  • Good game.
  • Cool.
  • Love the game!
  • It's good.
  • I think it is a really good game.
  • I was a fan.
  • Good game, helpful overall.
  • Keep using it and use it with extra credit!
  • I think the game helped my learning and it should be used in other classes.
  • I like it.
  • Etc.

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