Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

Before you ask for a letter, make sure you have this form filled out as completely as possible (note that this is a PDF form and will require Acrobat Reader to view and print). Give the information to those who agree to write STRONG letters for you (most faculty would rather not write a letter than write a weak or neutral letter -- neither of which will help your cause). Writing letters takes time and having the relevant information at hand makes the task much easier.

Who should you ask for STRONG letters from?

You should get the best letters from those who meet most (or all) of the above criteria.

Also, be sure that you give your letter-writers plenty of time before your deadline (e.g., three to four weeks).

And, give your letter-writers an organized packet of materials (e.g., pre-addressed and stamped envelopes, all necessary forms to be completed, any specific instructions that need to be made clear, obvious deadlines for each letter to be written, etc.).

You keep mentioning STRONG letters... Isn't it enough to get a STRONG letter just by having good grades? You WILL NOT get strong letters if you do any/all of the following:

Generally, it is a good idea to get to know your professors. This allows them to get to know you.