Index of Beliefs (pilot)
Pilot Survey: Index of Beliefs
1 = Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree = 9
1Sometimes the moon looks bigger than other times. This occurs because it varies in how close it is to the Earth. When it is close, it looks much bigger than when it is further away.5.531 - 9
2The United States has sent men to the moon and returned them safely to Earth.8.272 - 9
3Astrology, if done correctly, can tell us important things about our lives and our futures.3.891 - 9
4Ghosts exist.5.221 - 9
5Trees and plants get most of their fibrous mass (hard bulk) from carbon in the air.5.801 - 9
6Some people have a gift that allows them to use the power of their minds to heal others.3.331 - 9
7The holocaust actually happened.8.572 - 9
8Pyramids have unusual powers (e.g., they can keep razors sharp, or food fresh longer).3.221 - 8
9Smoking causes cancer.8.736 - 9
10The movements of electrons allow electric lights and appliances to work.6.772 - 9
11Some people are born lucky or unlucky.3.471 - 9
12Your mind or soul can leave your body and travel (astral projection).3.861 - 9
13Wearing, touching, or possessing certain objects (e.g., rabbit's foot, horseshoe, etc.) can bring good luck.3.051 - 9
14We have (our planet has) been visited by extraterrestrials (intelligent aliens).4.141 - 9
15If you wish hard enoughfor something, you can make it happen.3.881 - 9
16The spirits of dead people can influence the living.4.131 - 9
17There is a Santa Claus who today lives in the North Pole with tiny elves who make toys for Santa to deliver (with flying reindeer) to children all over the world.1.271 - 7
18In relationships, it is mostly true that "Birds of a feather flock together."5.881 - 9
19In relationships, it is mostly true that "Opposites attract."5.421 - 9
20People, including myself, can have their opinions and beliefs easily affected by the stated opinions and beliefs of others.6.241 - 9
21Subliminal messages, such as those hidden in self-help tapes, really work.3.991 - 8
22There was a time when people believed that it was unhealthy to take a bath or to wash.5.741 - 9
23Some people are uncanny predictors (prophets) of future events, such as Nostradamus.5.111 - 9
24There is a section of ocean called the Bermuda Triangle where an unusual number of strange disappearances has occurred over the years.6.992 - 9
25Our physical, emotional and intellectual states can be predicted (at least somewhat) based on our own personal biorhythms.5.611 - 9
26Careful scientific analyses of psychic phenomena are not possible unless negative vibrations from skeptics or non-believers are prevented.4.431 - 9
27The pyramids and other great structures (e.g., Stonehenge, the statues of Easter Island) are too sophisticated to have been built by humans when they were because the technologies available at the time were not sufficient.3.391 - 9
28There is such a thing as vampires.2.031 - 9
29The sun orbits the Earth.2.591 - 9
30The evidence that man evolved from ape-like beasts, as well as the "million-year-old" dinosaur bones we see in museums were all planted by God when He created Earth about 10,000 years ago.4.401 - 9
31There really is such a thing as an Easter Bunny that delivers candy and decorated eggs to children who believe.1.401 - 9
32Elvis Presley is dead.8.451 - 9
33If a stranger told me that they received messages from aliens through the braces in their teeth, I would believe them.1.421 - 6
34I believe that the Shroud of Turin is a holy relic that shows the imprint left by the crucified body of Jesus Christ.5.221 - 9
35Lightning can strike the same place more than one time.7.051 - 9
36I don't think there is anything wrong with believing in superstitions, supernatural events, or anything paranormal because doing so doesn't harm anyone.6.631 - 9