The Dr. Paul Show
is on hiatus

We hope you enjoyed season 17 of The Dr. Paul Show!

We are thrilled to reveal that the show has been renewed for yet another season! So new episodes are currently being planned by the writers so that the 2017-2018 season will be the BEST season yet! While we don't want to give too much away, stay tuned for some exciting guest-stars! If things go according to plans, be prepared to see some series regulars like Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Kelly, and Dr. Monda! Perhaps even guest stars such as Dr. Beaver, Dr. Dennick-Brecht, or fan-favorite, Dr. Rafoth will be captured on-cam! And of course, expect to see some recurring guests such as: Befuddled Student! Crying Student! Laughing Student! or Angry Student! Also prepare yourselves because next season we will be introducing a new series regular: Dr. Neha Pandit!

Stay tuned! Next season starts late August of 2017!