Universal Grade Change Form

Universal Grade Change Form


To: Professor From:

I think that my grade in your course should be changed from a to a grade of for the following reason(s):

  1. The person who copied from me got a higher grade than I did.

  2. The person who I copied from got a higher grade than I did.

  3. The grade I get in this course will lower my grade point average and I won't get into:
      Law School Medical School Dental School
      The Mickey Mouse Club Graduate School Tri-County Tech
      A Fraternity/Sorority Taco Bell Management Training Other

  4. I have to get a better grade in this course to balance the F I received in

  5. I'll lose my scholarship.

  6. I'm on a varsity sports team and my tutor couldn't find a copy of your exam.

  7. I did not attend class and the person whose notes I used didn't cover the material asked for on the exam.

  8. I learned basic principles but the exam asked for every little fact.

  9. I learned every fact and definition but the exam asked for basic principles.

  10. You are obviously prejudiced against:
      Americans Foreigners Minorities
      Majorities Yankees Southerners
      Stupid People Men Women
      Whites Blacks Students
      Religious Groups Non-Religious Groups Me

  11. If I flunk out of school my father will reduce my allowance.

  12. I was unable to do well in this class because I had the following:
      Mono V.D. Acute Alcoholism Pregnancy
      Broken baby finger Fatherhood A bone in my leg Body Aches

  13. You told us to be creative but you didn't tell us exactly how you wanted that done.

  14. I was creative but you said that I was just shooting the bull.

  15. The lectures were

  16. The course was

  17. My accidentally my for this class.

  18. I really, really, really worked really, really, really hard in this class.

  19. My grades should have been higher because I always studied at least six whole hours before each exam.

  20. I don't have a reason, I just want a higher grade. (Can I get extra credit for filling this out?)

  21. Other: