We've heard them all...

Questions & Comments that Piss-Off your Professor


How to Whine with the Best of Them

1)  I missed class -- did you cover anything important?
2)  I came to class every day, so, why did I get such a low grade?
3)  I've been trying to talk to you all week but you're never in your office.
4)  Does spelling count?
5)  Can we finish early today?
6)  It's such a nice day, can't we hold class outside?
7)  Can you tell me what parts of the book/chapter I should REALLY study for the exam?
8)  I can't make it to class tomorrow because I have to work on a paper for another class and it's due Monday.
9)  I realize it's the last week of classes and I should have come to you sooner but I thought I could figure it all out on my own.
10) How much extra-credit would I need to do to bring my C up to an A?
11) I never read/got the syllabus.
12) Does the final paper have to be typed?
13) Why did I have to read it if it wasn't going to be on the test?
14) That's not fair! I wasn't in class when you covered that material (or gave that assignment)!
15) I'm flunking this course -- can I write a paper to get a C (or B, or A)?
16) I looked over at the library but there aren't any books about it over there.
17) How many pages does the paper have to be? What if it isn't that long?
18) I already have two exams that week, can I take your exam at another time?
19) Can you tell me how long the exam will be?
20) I'm gonna have to miss class because of my DUI court appearance... That's an excused absence, right?
21) Sorry I was late for class, but, I couldn't find a parking space close to the building.